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zica virus Jamaica

Posted on 8th Feb 2016 @ 8:26 AM

With the recent scared about zica virus in the region to inc Brazil the worst hit country, most carribbean and south american countries to inc countries in the north as Canada, America etc. Jamaica only see a total of 20 case here to date June 25th 2016, the jamaican government warns all women not to get pregnant as this virus can caused microcephaly that causes babies to born with obnormaly small heads which impacted the brain from developing normally.

The symptoms of this virus acording to the CDC is fever, headache, rash,muscle and joint pain, which can be treated with Panadol or any pain tablets.


The Zica virus caused by the Aedes aegypti Mosquito and spread by the mosquito bites, also recent studies reveal that it can be transmitted by sexual contact in Humans, the only way to prevent this virus is to protect yourself with the insect  repelant that containd deet, all visitors are encourage to take their repelent to prevent this virus expecially at night when these mosquito bites more.

We Jamaicans just hope for the best outcome as our government official are fogging mosquito all over the island for this zica virus prevention, dont be scared come on down to Jamaica Mon!!